The pilot setup at IFSB is ready to promote sustainable agriculture and renewable energy solutions

The RE-Greenhouse pilot setup of the Institut de Formation Sectoriel du Bâtiment (IFSB) focuses on implementing renewable energy sources (RES) such as pellet heaters, residual heat, and photovoltaic systems within a greenhouse setting. The pilot setup will be used for experimentation and demonstration for various stakeholders. It also serves as a training tool for educational institutions and professionals in the field.

IFSB, a Luxembourg training institute specializing in construction and energy efficiency, plays a crucial role in the Re-Greenhouse project. The institute will provide valuable insights and data from its pilot setup, implement a transnational measurement plan, and contribute to the development of the greenhouse RES decision tool to aid greenhouse holders in integrating RES into their operations.

“The pilot greenhouse at IFSB is entirely autonomous in terms of management and cultivation. It benefits from centralized heating, rainwater harvesting, and ventilation waste from the main building, ensuring efficient resource utilization.” 
Marcel Deravet, RE-Greenhouse project manager of IFSB

Mission of the pilot at IFSB

The RES implemented at the pilot greenhouse includes pellet heaters and plans for significant electricity production through photovoltaic panels. The thermal inertia of the building is also considered for optimal energy utilization.

The new pilot is called Fresh greenhouse and is situated on top of the IFSB building. It symbolizes agricultural innovation and commitment to sustainable practices. The pilot serves as a model of urban agriculture, promoting environmental sustainability and local food production.

Operated by professional farmers Aurel and Axel

To ensure optimal operation of the greenhouse and guarantee high-quality crops, the operation of the pilot is entrusted to the skilled team of Aurel and Axel. These two local farmers were chosen for their commitment to organic farming and their environmentally-friendly practices.

Aurel and Axel rose to the challenge of maximizing yields while minimizing the impact on the local ecosystem. Their organic approach ensures that the produce grown in the greenhouse is not only delicious, but also free from chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

Picture: the IFSB greenhouse pilot in April 2024 with its various plantations

​Demonstration and training Platform

IFSB aims to utilize the Fresh greenhouse as a place for experimentation and demonstration for various stakeholders, including operators, builders, architects, and municipalities. It also serves as a training tool for educational institutions and professionals in the field.

The Fresh greenhouse at IFSB is not just an experimental project, but a hub for promoting sustainable agriculture and renewable energy solutions. Its multifaceted role encompasses research, demonstration, and education in the pursuit of a greener future.

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Marcel Deravet, IFSB

Célia Bassor, Communication IFSB

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